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About Us

Azerbaijan Turkey Tourism Representation Office started its activities with an official opening ceremony in February 29 of 2016 as the first and only official Tourism Promotion Office of the Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey. Azerbaijan Turkey Tourism Representation Office is the fourth representation office opened abroad by Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan Turkey Tourism Representation Office started off with the slogan “You should also see Azerbaijan” aims to “Take the existing relations between Azerbaijan and Turkey one step further and ensure access of greater public masses to Azerbaijan promotion in Turkey by means of state support.” Our essential aim is to transfer a greater extent of information about tourism possibilities of Azerbaijan to people living in our sister country Turkey and ensure people living in Turkey to visit Azerbaijan. Turkey, particularly Istanbul is a gate opening to the world. By means of our tourism representation office here, Azerbaijan Turkey Tourism Representation Office has been established in order to provide possibilities which help people from Turkey to come and see Azerbaijan and to attract people to visit Azerbaijan by promoting Azerbaijan in Turkey through various events. Azerbaijan Tourism Representation Office has come into service to create an organization which would become familiar with Azerbaijan by travelling throughout Azerbaijan, share the same language and the same feelings, understand and love Azerbaijan people intimately, never lose this spirituality as long as the world exists and by which this intimacy and affinity would be compared.

Azerbaijan Tourism Representation Office Turkey Director, Nurlana Çakmak

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