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Why do Azeri people have such dark hair?

To hide their shiny heads.


In Azerbaijan, there are many interesting, useful and extra ordinary things… However, it is prohibited to sell them.


Azeri people are like other people. Just, other people are not Azeri people.


Black caviar is available in every house in Azerbaijan. Of course, if it is the house of the boss of the state fishery control administration.


Azeri people discovered fake flowers against the risk of scarcity and gold teeth against the risk of caries disease.


The first thing for Azeri people is family, the second is law and the third is shirking.


Azeri people love football... to watch it.


Azeri people respect others’ opinions. As long as they think the same.


Azeri people are only happy with the holiday itself.


Source :  '‘snova salam, qorod’ Baku, 2011.



  • If you think God gave you 2 ears to have 2 mobile phones,


  • If you build your balcony 10 cm larger than your neighbor’s balcony,


  • If your biggest desire is to have state numbers in the plate number of your private car,


  • If you seek for a contact in the Ministry of Education to raise the grades of your daughter in her singing class,


  • If you are late for work at 9 but never late for national food at 6 in the morning,


  • If you give 10 manat (Azeri currency) to the waiter to receive better service than the newly wed couple in a wedding.






  • The only place in the world where you can buy a Porche Cayenne on loan is Azerbaijan.


  • Azerbaijan ranks among the firsts in the world in terms of long lifetime of people. When they ask the elderly of 80+ years of age, they reply: “We have not got enough of food and drinks”.


  • Azerbaijan is known to be the most peace lover country in the world. No terrorism, to racism, to discrimination, very good opposition, democracy and profit alliances are very kind.


  • The reason for absence of a female football team in Azerbaijan is that no woman wants to wear football uniforms while others can see it.


  • Final grade students of Azerbaijan State University replied “Queen Elizabeth” when they were asked “Who knows English well”?


  • They say the Japanese invented the smallest mobile phone and now they can’t find it.



A travelling agency is called:

  • Do you sell trips to Egypt?


  • Yes, of course.


  • Which locations?


  • Şarm-el-Şeyh, Hurgada, Taba, Nüveyba....


  • Ok, stop, Nüveyba is the one I am looking for.


  • When do you want to travel?


  • No, we were only solving the word puzzle.

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