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1001 Nights Restaurant, which is deemed as a first-class sea-side restaurant, has numerous wooden arbors, and the wide terrace on the second floor, and it was turned into a beach restaurant long time ago, thanks to the comfortable beaches, which have the whole stuff necessary for comfortable relaxation nearby the seaside. It is suitable for beach parties, outdoor feasts, and marine excursions on Sundays. This is not only a place to enjoy your meals, but also a place to drink fresh and dark tea together with delicious desserts.

Address: Baku, South Coast, Şih Town

Phone: (+994 12) 581-31-61  (+994 50) 611-60-00



This is the most popular beaches in Şıh city. Differently from the other restaurants and facilities, it was equipped magnificently. There are gigantic sunshades, showers, various activities, bars, water slides and spring boards. In addition to the foregoing, there are three (3) swimming-pools for adults and one (1) swimming-pool for infants. It is also worth-mentioning that, this beach is the clearest one in the city. In fact, while making comparison with the beaches located in Abşeron City, it is observed that, the sea is more polluted, and necessary attention must be shown while swimming. Generally the activities in the swimming-pool are preferred because of the foregoing reasons and circumstances. The swimming-pools and sunbeds around it are provided to the customers. The entrance fee includes all the foregoing services and be determined as 10 AZN.   


Baku, South CostŞıhCounty

(+994 12) 581-30-30



It is a nice place, which has long and clean seaside. Within this restaurant, the necessary arbors as well as lifeguard and security services are provided to the customers. The entrance fee is determined as 2 AZN, by taking into consideration of the services offered, and the cleanliness its beaches and their quietness, such amount shall not be deemed as expensive.


Baku, South Cost Şıh County

(+994 12) 565-07-45
(+994 70) 581-50-00



Beluga beach restaurant is the most popular and elite beach restaurants in the Buzonva city. The summer veranda was designed specifically to offer maximum comforts and relaxation for its visitors, and in the nights, you could keep on relaxation by listening the sounds of waves together with light music. The refresher cocktails, wide variety of meals and snacks are serviced to those arbors in summer days. The average check is 25-30 AZN. 


Baku, North Beach, BuzovnaCounty

(+994 55) 550-99-90
(+994 12) 511-99-90


The beach belongs to the renowned Hotel, and it always gives priority to cleanliness and first-class services. It is also worth-mentioning that, the beach has 400 square meter area enclosed by fences. It offers wide variety of services such as dressing rooms, showers, tennis courts and basketball court.


Baku, South Coast, ŞıhCounty

(+994 12) 497-47-77



It is the most valuable beach in Baku, and it belongs to The Ramada Hotel Chains. It offers tables, sunbeds, chairs, umbrellas, dressing rooms and shower services to their customers. It also contains a playground for children, which makes the parents happy. 


Baku, South Coast, ŞıhCounty
(+994 12) 491-73-03

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