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The Business and Investment Opportunities in Azerbaijan 

The petroleum and natural gas are the most important natural resources in Azerbaijan. Its petroleum reserve is above the 8 Billion barrels. In addition to such petroleum and natural gas reserves, Azerbaijan has 450 Tons iron and 150 tons aluminum reserves. The investments for infrastructure, bridge, and residence and workplace centers have been increased in recent years. Namely, the construction sector has gained significant momentum. The country, which opens to any industrial investments, the new projects in terms of agriculture, husbandry have been initiated by Azerbaijan. The engineers, businessmen, architectures coming from Turkey have been performed and completed successful projects, particularly in the field of construction and commerce, thanks to the integration and synergy achieved between them.   




Agriculture and Husbandry


  • The agriculture and husbandry are among the factors, which could affect the socio-economic development of the country.

  • Various types of crops could be grown in Azerbaijan where 9 climate type could be observed.

  • The major crops that grown in Azerbaijan are as follows: wheat, fruits, cotton, tea, and grape.

  • Husbandry could have the capacity of the country demand.

  • The Khazar Sea is the natural habitat of sturgeons. The caviar obtained from these sturgeons constitute major income for the country. 



Industry sector in Azerbaijan is emerging. In 2000, its portion within the economy was 36%. But such ratio had been increased gradually over the years, and in 2005, it reached to the level of 47.5%. 



  • Azerbaijan has wide variety of natural resources. 

  • Major natural resources are as follows: petroleum, natural gas, aluminum, zinc, copper, iron, powder, quicksilver, marble, and limestone, etc.

  • Azerbaijan has abundant metal ore and industrial raw material resources.




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