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Cities/Administrative Regions:


The Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan has its own administration, parliament and constitution. The population of Nakhchivan is about 380,000 people; there is a border of thirteen kilometers with Turkey.




  • İçerişehir - Old City

       Neighborhood of Baku


Lenkeran- Astara Region

  • Lankaran (180 km distant from Baku)- Historical and touristic places

  • Kızılağaç National Park (160 km distant from Baku)

  • Şirvan National Park (140- 150 km distant from Baku)


Gencebasar Region

  • Gence (348 km distant from Baku)- historical and touristic places

  • Göygöl (40 km distant from Gence)- Lake coast, forestry picnic areas


Mingeçevir- Naftalan Region

  • Mingeçevir ( 308 km distant from Baku)- Dam Lake, (the largest of Azerbaijan). Fish, recreation places, museum (center).

  • Naftalan ( 50 km distant from Mingeçevir) thermal springs, petroleum content mud bath)


Şeki- Zagatala Region

  • Şeki ( 352 km distant from Baku) – Historical and touristic places “ Gelersen- Görersen” (You should come, you should see), Marhal (forestry picnic area), Han palace, Monument, upper caravansary, forestry picnic areas

  • Zagatala (60 km distant from Şeki)- Historical and touristic places, Forestry picnic areas.

  • Gah ( 35 km distant from Şeki), Oğuz (25 km distant from Şeki), Balaken ( 30 km distant from Zagatala), Daghistan and Georgia border, Forestry picnic areas.


Guba- Gusar Region

  • Guba ( 160 m distant from Baku)

  • Museum (center), handcrafts, Historical and touristic places

  • Nabran, Khazar Coast (200 km distant from Baku)- Forestry picnic areas and beaches

  • Geçreş ( 186 km distant from Baku) Forestry picnic areas


Şamahı- İsmailli Region

  • Şamahı (120 km distant from Baku)- Museum, Historical and touristic places

  • Pirgulu Mansion (30 km distant from Şamahı)- Observatory, Forestry picnic areas

  • Lahıç (40 km distant from Şamahı) – Iron working, handcrafts, Historical and touristic places

  • İsmailli (40 km distant from Şamahı)- Cavanşir Castle

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