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National Cuisine

The most important character of Azerbaijan cuisine is that it is comprised of natural materials. This richness was also documented by various travelers. The cuisine is known well in the East and Europe. Famous historians and travelers say the same. Recipes date back to centuries ago and it is based on vast experience of the cooks who are the inheritors of this art. It is not a coincidence that people live long here. Scientists base it on climatic conditions, lifestyle, ecological conditions, clean food and good nutritional habits. Azerbaijan cuisine offers quality tastes for gourmets from all over the world.

Our cuisine is original and has its own national tastes which demonstrate traditions of Azerbaijan. Our cuisine is extremely rich in terms of variety of dishes and is dominated by meat, fish and vegetables with greens and spices. Traditional dishes of Azeri cuisine are unique.

This art has serious popularity in Azerbaijan. Select dishes of Azerbaijan including dolma, bozbaş, bozartma, çığırtma, hail, şaşlık, piti etc. have been included in menus of many Caucasus people. People will say “Nuş olsun” (bon appetite) while inviting you to feasts on rich tables.   


  • Düşbere (Azerbaijan dumplings)

  • Hamuraşı

  • Kuymak

  • Gürze (Big dumplings)

  • Firni (Sütlaç version)

  • Hingal

  • Sürhüllü

  • Kutab (Gözleme)



  • Khazar salad

  • Azerbaijan salad

  • Greens

  • Fasulye fisincan (Bean salad)



  • Piti

  • Umaç

  • Piti 

  • Meatballs - bozbaş

  • Turşu (Pickle) sıyık

  • Parça - bozbaş

  • Chicken soup

  • Haş (Kelle paça) (sheep’s head and foot soup)

  • Sulu hıngel

  • Dovğa

  • Ayran - doğramaç

  • Hamuraşı



  • Tike kebab

  • Chicken kebab

  • Amateur kebab

  • Lüle kebab

  • Tava kebab

  • Abgust



  • Milk rice

  • Fruit rice

  • Parts rice

  • Dill rice

  • Chicken rice

  • Çığırtma rice

  • Ground meat rice

  • Ham-döşemeli (Raw tiling) rice

  • Vegetable rice

  • Bean rice

  • Fisincan rice

  • Wood rice

  • Snail rice

  • Liver rice

  • Pomegranate rice






  • Şekerbura

  • Şekerçöreği

  • Baku baklava

  • Şeki baklava

  • Şor goğal

  • Kırma badam (Acıbadem) (bitter almond)


Azeri cuisine has also its own drinks including Bozakefir, turnip juice and sherbetTea holds specific importance in daily life. Thymewild cinnamonquince seedscorn tassels are brewed for tea. They are prepared with powder tea using two part teapot or semaver.    Even in the 16th century, there were tea houses called çayhane to drink tea collectively. Coffee is consumed less. Among alcohol drinks  beer is the most preferred drink. Wine is also commonly consumed. Wines made of local grapes started to draw attention of wine lovers. Vodka (Azeri: Araq) is not consumed much but it is among the traditional spirits of Azeri cuisine.




Festival food

Azeri people eat special meals on some holidays and festivals. They include “Semeni” on Newroz, “Kuvut” on Hızır Nebi holiday, “hedik” and “kavurga” on the first tooth of a child.  It is also traditional to cook on other important days including birth, circumcision, engagement, wedding, death etc. On Newroz, every region prepares its own version of rice. Şüyud rice with fava bean and dill in Baku, chest and chicken rice in Şeki, pickle roast rice in Şamahi and Levenge rice in Lenkeran. They are served to guests. Semeni, kavurga, painted aggs, şekerbura, baklava, şor gogal, nuts and candies are put on Newroz table. Drinks can be made of dried fruits at home (plum, apricot, grapes, apple, pear etc.).

Cemeteries are visited on Newroz. People bring semeni, eggs, desserts and nuts to the cemetery. They put them in a tray on the grave. Eggs are not painted and a black ribbon is wrapped around the egg. Food is served to everyone for the soul of the dead. Semeni remains on the grave and nobody touches it. Flour halve is prepared, put in thin bread for one person and is taken to the cemetery. The halva is served to everybody at the entrance of the cemetery. People take the lahve by saying “Allah kabul etsin/May Allah hear your prayers”. Relatives of the dead do not eat it. Newroz trays are taken by the man to their fiancée. Baklava, şekerbura, şor gogal, semeni, painted eggs and candies.

Stuffing, kebab, cold dishes and drinks are served on weddings. No dessert is made. Desserts are for engagements. Haşıl, kuymak, pastry (düşbere, kutab, hengel) are served to newly mothers.

Recommended Restaurants

  • OreNero Bar & Restaurant - Famous Italian Restaurant in Marriotto.

  • The Tea Lounge - Popular for its pastry, desserts and drinks.

  • Scallini Italian Restaurant- Popular for its select Italian menu.

  • Sheki Restaurant- A beautiful place where you can taste Azeri culture and food.

  • Yuukai- A luxurious restaurant with a stunning view. It offers Far East tastes. Open buffet is also available.

  • Kaspia- A famous restaurant in Baku with rich varieties in sea products.

  • Chınar 

  • Evde

  • Buddha-Bar

  • Baku Cafe

  • Paris Bistro

  • El Portalon

  • Manqal

  • Sahil

  • Art Garden

  • Changgala

  • Dalida

  • House of Sultans

  • Karvansaray

  • Mugam Club

  • Pirosmani

  • Zeytun

  • Xalca


  • You can leave tip between 5-10% of the bill.



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