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The Azerbaijan University official office of admissions in Turkey is only located in Istanbul.

There isn’t any branch in other cities of Turkey.


The graduates of Marine vocational high school could have the opportunity to finish their undergraduate study within one year as per the fast education programme, and some graduates could have the opportunity to finish its undergraduate study in one year.


You don’t have the right to finish this programme unless you have a graduation from such programmes.  


So as to enroll to the Azerbaijan Universities, passport photocopy, residence certificate, criminal record, the photocopy of identity card, 8 pcs. 4*5 sized photographs with white background color, and as well as, diploma, transcript, health reports are necessary for application. Such processes are determined for final application. You could enroll to such university as per the available quota. 10% of total quota for each department is allocated to Turkish students and they could be enrolled within the limits of such quota. For instance if a department has the quota of 300 students, 30 Turkish Students could be enrolled to such department. Those, whom have high-school diploma, could be applied directly without delay, and they could deliver the OSS documents later.   



Faculty of law, pharmacy, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, psychology, medical faculty get the highest attention, and don’t be late, such quotas could be filled easily. The institutions looking for the one, whom graduates from physiotherapy and rehabilitation, offer high salary and company car could be observed in common. The graduates could also utilize from such centers.



It is compulsory to get at least 145 point from the OSS exam for the ones, whom intend to enroll to the sport and art department, and it is compulsory get at least 165, and 185points from the OSS exam for enrolling as per the requirements of the related department. The OSS points are valid for one year and SAT1 points are valid for two (2) years. If you wish to enroll next year, you will get new OSS point so as to conduct such enrolling process. You could also enroll to the Azerbaijani Universities without obtaining OSS points. You could finalize such process under the guarantee of Azerbaijan Training Center.


1st Process:


You could finalize your official application from Turkey.


The application for master and doctoral programs must be submitted to the Azerbaijan Training Center at least 4-6 months before.


For the pre-registration process, it is compulsory to submit, residence certificate, criminal record, the photocopy of identity card, 4 pcs. 4*5 sized photographs with white background color. Such processes are determined for final registration procedures. You could enroll yourself to such departments within the available quotas and formalities. 


The physiotherapy and rehabilitation faculty is opened in our university located in Baku, Azerbaijan. This registration process is continuing within the quotas. Do not forget that, the generous salaries are guaranteed for the students of physiotherapy and rehabilitation faculty regardless of whether the equivalent document is issued.


The rector of Azerbaijan National Economy University will meet with students. He will provide necessary information to the ones, whom intend to receive education from faculty of management, economy, international economy relations, marketing, international commerce, statistic, economy with computer practices, they could also direct question to him, and could receive information from the students of Azerbaijan. You should also call 0 212 244 66 00 for rendezvous.


The education in Azerbaijan is better than all other Turk countries and communities, and The Neft Academy are among the most renowned universities in the world, which apply the Bologna Criteria.



The students that enrolled to the Azerbaijani Universities, shall pay the tuition fees in American Dollars. Tuition fees paid by the students shall be allocated as follows: 10% for rectorship funds, 10% for Presidency, 20% for The Ministry of Education and 60% for the university, to which registrations are made.  

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