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Mounting and Hunting Tourism


Some mountainous areas within the high relief of the country (such as the region of (Guba- Haçmaz, Şeki-Zagatala, Mountany Karabağ, Nakhchivan localities) are suitable for mounting and hunting tourism. As a matter of fact, a tourism institutions from the Soviet Union, called as “Intourist” had conducted various tours to the Azerbaijan Mountains for hunting tourism. Today, the intense forests, prey animals, natural beauty, and fresh air within these mountainous regions are still waiting for proper utilization. In addition to the foregoing, there are 97 species of mammal, 346 species of bird and 95 species of fish are existed within this country (Budagov and Apoyev, 1991). Shotgun could only be used by license, and each shotgun owner must be enrolled to the association of hunters. 

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