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Thermal Spring and Health Tourism


There are approximately 1000 mineral water resources in Azerbaijan. The milky water, called as “Naftalan”, which contains a certain kind of mixture of petroleum, is good for nerve system, as well as, dermatologic, gynecological diseases and much more. The sanatoriums established for curative purposes are generally located in Apşeron peninsula. The Azerbaijan soil is named as “mineral water museum” thanks to its affluent structure. The health facility of “İstisu” located 10 kilometers away from the Masallı City is one of the miraculous water of İstuse, and this facility hasn’t any deficiency when making comparison with the world-renowned health facility, which is called as “Karlovi Vari”. The health facility of this place called as “Fatimeyi-Zehra”. In ancient times, this mineral water was accepted as a substance, which had the ability of cure all diseases. They used for treatment of huge number of diseases such as rheumatic, dermatologic (fungus, eczema), kidney, liver and gall bladder, stomach and intestinal diseases.


There are health clubs, healing water baths, swimming-pools and accommodation facilities are existed within the Fatimeyi – Zehra health center.


In addition to the foregoing, there are two distinctive characteristics of this unique area of the Salt Mountain, one of them is the plain entrance of this salt cave, and such entrance avoid the obstacle that may be occurred when entering into such cave. The temperature ratio is the second distinctive characteristics of that cave, which provides nearly the exact treatment for the asthma and shortness of breath. The temperature is remained stable between the 18-20 degrees without making any intervening process such as air-conditioning, etc. The salt cave are preferred for the foregoing purposes because of its room temperature.


250 patients are accepted to the Salt Cave Physical Therapy Hospital, which is located 14 km. away from Nakhchivan on a daily basis. This hospital contains three sections, consulting rooms, dormitory rooms, and accommodation and also rest-rooms, book-reading rooms and lavatory are existed.


In the Duzdağ Hotel, which treats men, women and children, within separate department and time-frame, offers unlimited service to its guests. The patients rest and make different kind of activities such as reading newspapers and books until 11.00 a.m. Within this time-period, all lights are switched off, and it is enabled that all patients breathe the ion within in the air. 


Tens of doctors and nurses deal with patients personally, and provide health services. 90% healing ratio is observed among the patients, whom received a treatment within this facility.


The transportation for The Salt Cave Hotel is so easy, the necessary opportunities are provided by The Azerbaijan government such as visa formalities, for the visitors coming from Turkey. The visitors that prefer the road transportation could be enter into The Azerbaijan from the gate border of Iğdır, and the visitors that prefer the air transportation, they could use the Istanbul- Nakhchivan airline. All solutions have been provided for the transportation processes; beginning from the border gate or airport to the Salt Cave Hospital, so as to avoid any problems that the patients, who arrange reservation in advance, may be faced.


The room price for this deluxe hotel is determined as all-inclusive, and the patients, who don’t request any special demand, pay the booking costs only. Because all meal costs, accommodation, etc. are met by the all-inclusive price system. 


The other center within the region of Şıh, Surahanı and Deveci, all of which are located at the Baku peninsula, is Galaaltı center, which is located 20 kilometers away from the Şabran city. This mineral spring resources are found in 1969 in the jungle of the hill-side. This mineral water is used for the treatment of wide variety of diseases thanks to its special mixture. It is efficient for inflammation and also lithontriptic. Therefore, this spring water is used for wide variety of diseases, such as calculus that may be formed within the kidney, liver, urinary bladder, urinary tract, but at the same time, it is used for liver, kidney, urinary bladder, stomach and intestine diseases, and it provides good results against such diseases.


The “Galaaltı” health facility, which located 700 meters above the sea level onto the hillside of The Big Caucasus Mountains, has been operated since 1976. There are accommodation facilities within this hospital, at which treatments are made by using this spring water. The ancient people called this spring water as “Naftu” , it means “Petroleum Water”. This mineral water has a strong odor and taste. The sea and mountain air melded into one another and no humidity is observed at that place. It is surrounded by the jungle. Such spring water is primarily used for the treatment of kidney diseases, but also it is used for stomach and intestine, gall bladder diseases too. Elişir Musayev said that “this spring water shouldn’t be kept for a long time. It should be used when necessary. Besides this, no packaging procedures shall be applied for this. Because the amniotic mixtures are being formed after the 24 hours. There are more than 200 spring waters are found in our country as per the Professor’s statements. 

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