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Azerbaijan has the densest population of the Caucasus. The population is 9,593,000 according to the 2015 census and the majority of the population is composed of Azerbaijan Turks. 22.4 percent of the total population consists of the 0-14 age group, 71.6 percent are in the 15-64 age group and 6 percent are in the 65 and above age group. The total population consists of 4,776,000 (49.8%) men and 4,817,000 (50.2%) women. 5,981,000 of the population (53.1%) live in cities, while 4,495,000 (46.9%) have settled in rural areas (The State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Statistical yearbook / Population of Azerbaijan, received on June 9, 2016 on )




GDP (billion USD): 53.0

Import (Fob-billion USD): 15.9

Real GDP Growth Rate (%): 1.1

Export (Fob-billion USD): 9.0

Per Capita GDP (USD PPP): 17.720

Foreign debt (billion USD): 12.3

Inflation Rate (%): 7.8

Foreign Direct Investment (incoming-billion USD): 7.12

Unemployment Rate (%): 5.3

Foreign Direct Investment (outgoing-billion USD): 2.95


As of 2015, the number of companies with Turkish capital in Azerbaijan has reached 2,665. (Source: Economist Intelligence Unit, World Bank, Ministry of Economy)

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