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Winter Sports


Mountain-climbing, trekking, hunting, fishing, scuba-diving and off-road activities could be performed on summer and winter months in Azerbaijan.


Winter Sports

There are 19 ski track within the Şahdağ Tourism Complex, which was built 2500 meters above the sea level, and it offers extreme ski sports. The sport school of this facility provides well-experienced instructors for beginners and veterans. Besides this, snowboard and aero-ski activities could be performed within the hillside of this facility. All kinds of activity could be performed for kids, including excursions with ATVs, ball castles and tubes. In addition to the foregoing, the SPA facility could offer you refreshment and rest after the snow and ice.



Şahdağ Mountain and Ski Center



This regions had enabled to exit to the Europe and Middle East from the North-Eastern of Azerbaijan. The incredible beauty is reserved within the shadows of the Big Caucasus Mountains. The permanent glaciers, deep straits, perfect mountain lakes and canyons, ecologic diversity of the plants and animals could be observed with all their pure beauty.


The temperature could be fall below -20 C during the winter, and could be increase above +20 C during the summer days. Such temperature offer the best conditions for sport activities for each season. The biggest ski center and the biggest national park of Azerbaijan are located within this region. Şahdağ region will certainly offer you the unforgettable experience thanks to its unique beauty just like a garden of Eden. 

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