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Experience the atmosphere of a small Venice at the center of Baku

The history of the Buku avenue starts with the decision of the Baku City Council in 1909. The idea of an avenue belongs to the Council engineer Mehmet Hasan Hacınski. Much fertile soil and various precious plants from different parts of Azerbaijan and even from Europe have been carried over here for two years. In the 50’s and 60’s “Mirvari”, “Spring” cafes, an open-air cinema in the name of Samed Vurgun, and the small water town of “Venice” was built here, as well as many resting areas.

The largest park in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, the Bulvar Park gives the visitors a chance to make a small tour of Italy without going abroad. This small town by the Caspian Sea is a popular spot for the tourists coming to the city with its water channels, architecture, restaurants and the gondolas coming from Venice. The visitors are happily wondering around the park and the Venice city in gondolas and seeing examples of Italian architecture. The decorations on the sides of the channels and the reliefs on the tunnels and the bridge walls make people feel they are discovering Italy in the Middle Ages. While the gondolas are sliding on the water, the boatmen are wearing Italian national dress, which shows that not a single detail has been missed.


The restaurants and cafes within the small Venice which is established on an area of approximately 10 thousand square meters have Italian design but the food offered is predominantly from Azerbaijan and also examples of world cuisine. These restaurants where all visitors can find food appealing to their taste buds also offer a matchless view of the sea.

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