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Matchless Healing Oil – Naftalan Facilities


The Naftalan resting and treatment facility is world famous since it is unique in the world with the biological properties of the healing Naftalan oil. The region is 20 km from Ganja, the second largest city in Azerbaijan and situated at the Naftalan oil field in the city of Naftalan. Naftalan oil has healing properties that are matchless in the world. This oil contains multi-purpose healing properties for the humans. It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, vasodilator and metabolic accelerator properties. The treatment properties and efficiency of Naftalan on various diseases has been confirmed by thousands of scientific papers and monography results.


German engineer and licensee E.İ.Eger has constructed the first factory to produce the pomade made of Naftalan. The products of this factory and the raw material have been exported to Germany. Two Naftalan companies “Magdeburg Naftalan” and “Dresden Naftalan” started operations based on this factory and Naftalan preparations are produced. The manufacturing method of “Eger” pomade is kept a secret and it is a monopoly. Today the Naftalan rest and treatment facilities provide treatment to more than 70 diseases with the help of the healing Naftalan baths.

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